Since starting with national Coxswain workshops and Trailer Driving hands-on driving clinics, we have held more than one hundred workshops all over the US. With classes for novice and experienced coxswains alike, we stressed safe practices as well as race strategy. Our all-day workshops in Northern Virginia attracted rowers, coxswains and coaches from more than 25 high school programs.

The day consisted of:

• How to become a coxswain
• How to be an advanced coxswain with Laura Simon
• Racing and Coxing strategy with Joe Manion and Pete Cipollone
• How to Coach a Coxswain
• Rigging
• Trailer Driving
• Boat repair

RowingRoadCrew is our bring-it-to-you educational division, the “on-the-road workshops on all things rowing” program.

Certified Rowing Educational workshops include:

  • Safe trailer driving
  • Boat launch driving
  • Coxing clinic

Also Available:

  • Equipment upkeep
  • Training, (including age-appropriate training for the aging body)
  • Safety and organizational administration

The sport of rowing has grown rapidly, and that growth continues. Rowing clubs and rowers are increasing in record numbers across the country. Accordingly, there is a strong need for educational programs and materials for both rowers and coaches, in order to maintain a healthy and safe sport.

A sound, progressive, interactive educational system is needed today and will be needed even more in the coming years.